Nimble Portfolio – Free Filterable jQuery Porfolio WordPress Plugin

We are happy to announce the release of our first free WP plugin ‘Nimble Portfolio’. Using this free plugin you can transform your portfolio in to a cutting edge jQuery powered gallery that lets you feature and sort your work like a pro.

We have seen a steady demand from our clients and also from buyers on market places selling premium wordpress themes using this feature as a USP, so we though we help you transform just any ordinary wordpress theme into a modern portfolio.

Free Plugin Features

  Custom post types for portfolio items

  Youtube video support

  Built-in fancy gallery for image and video preview

  Easy categorisation and jQuery sort feature

Future Portfolio Template Releases

Although this a complete solution in itself, but there’s more to look forward to than just a portfolio plugin. We will be releasing different template style variations that you can easily integrate on top of this plugin.

Simply grab a copy our plugin from directly from  

Installation Guide

1. Download the plugin from
2. Unzip the ZIP package on your hard drive
3. FTP upload the plugin files to the plugin folder on your WP installation

Usage Instructions

1. Add portfolio item types under the ‘portfolio’ tab in dashboard such as web, mobile, graphics etc.
2. Add new portfolio items using custom post type under the tab ‘Portfolio’.
3. Add item title (keep it short), add description, then item type – video or image.
4. Then upload featured image from the far right bottom box. Once the image is uploaded first copy the generated URL from the field ‘Link URL’ then hit ‘use as featured image’ link at the bottom, then close the window.
5. Paste the copied URL in the input field ‘image/video url’ on the left.
6. Specify a live URL for your project in the input field ‘portfolio url’.


Visit the link below for all the recent updates

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Comments (236)

  • HI i have purchased you plugin, i created a gallery page uploaded few images in single as well as separate gallery items, but none of them are working, The lightbox effect is also not working.
    URL :

    Effective Business Writing Skills – June 15 Mumbai this item is having multiple images and rest are singular images.
    Please help as am stuck on deadlines.


  • Is there a way to show the most recent items for each category when limiting the pages?

    For example, I have a development site where I am using the plugin. I restrict the number of items per page to 3. If I have the 3 most recent items in 1 category, I am unable to see the posts in other categories unless I use the pagination.

    Can it be so that, if I click another category, it moves the most recent items of that category to page 1 and it paginates from there?

  • When disabling the free version of enable the premium, will there be loss of any content already added?


  • I have installed the plugin for a client and I am getting the following error on the dashboard.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare nimble_portfolio_get_meta() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 39

    Can you advise.


      • The client has added content to the free plugin version.
        When activating the premium plugin and deactivating the free plugin, will content be lost?

  • Couple of pre-sale questions:

    1) Is it possible to have different categories displayed on one page. I would like to have a row of 4 portfolio items for one category, followed by a row of 6 portfolio items, similar to what they have done here:


    2) Also, I would like to pull examples from each category on the homepage, like they have done here:

    Appreciate any help.


    • 1. Yes Premium version supports this, you can call as many portfolios on a single page as you like.

      2. Yes you can, we will guide you on this.

  • The download link in the modal window does not work in IE8. I have tried it in all other browsers and it works fine. When I download the image link in IE8 however, it gives an error when I try to open the file: Windows Photos Viewer can’t display this photo because the file is empty.

    The issue appears to be in the path string that is being rendered:

    If you can tell, there is a space after download-image.php?img=
    and it is screwing up the download path. Newer browsers seem to be able to fix this on their own but IE8 isn’t. Can you please let me know how I can fix this path?


  • Thanks for great plugin.
    I use this plugin for filterable gallery at this link.
    But problem is when I go for any particular category and click on photo it shows all photo instead of showing photo of only that category.
    I hope you help me soon

  • Wondering how the images (backgrounds) get written to the individual items. When I look at the out put in firebug I see that it writes a style to the element; style=”url(“image”) no-repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent !important;

    Is there a way to change this? I tried changing the css for .nimble-portfolio-item but it gets cancelled out.

    Also wondering if there is a way to dynamically size this image so I can use a larger image on the post page and smaller in the thumbnail sort.

    Thanks – GREAT plugin!

  • Hello,
    i have the premium version, and i dont want to show the “ALL” items. I want to start the portfolio with a specific category showing. So but i dont want to show “All items”… how can i change this? thanks

    • There is a direct way to do this in PREMIUM version, for FREE version you need some jQuery to make it work.

      Please don’t ask for jQuery code for FREE version.

      Email us at if you are have PREMIUM version.

  • Hello!

    Great plug-in. I was wondering if it was possible to include the description of the Item Type to display when that Item Type is filtered.

    For example… If my portfolio has the Item Types for web, design, and, print, is it possible when i click on “Design” the description of the “Design” Item Type can be displayed? But then when i click “All” again, it will be hidden. And the same for design, and print. Does that make sense? Is this possible?

    thank you!

  • Hi, I bought the premium version and was wondering if the filtering could be done through dropdowns. right now, item types are all listed horizontally (whether parented or not) and I would like to filter by parent/child/child parent2/child/child in dropdowns… is this possible

    • For FREE version only:

      Please remove following code from templates/3colround/template.php

      <div class="nimble-portfolio-filter group">
      <ul class="nimble-portfolio-ul">
      <li class="current"><a href="#" rel="all" rel="nofollow">All</a></li>
      <?php nimble_portfolio_list_categories(); ?>
      </div><!-- /nimble-portfolio-filter -->

  • Hello! I still have the question, if there’s a way to show full-size image when clicking on photo from portfolio page?

  • Hi,
    Your plugin is really great, there is only one problem: I don’t have the possibility to enable comments on the portfolio item pages. In the screen options the dialog widget doesn’t appear, therefore I can’t check it. But when I create a normal page or post I do have comments.

    Can you help me?

    • On line# 58 of nimble-portfolio.php replace
      'supports' => array('title', 'thumbnail', 'editor', 'excerpt'),


      'supports' => array('title', 'thumbnail', 'editor', 'excerpt', 'comments'),

      You will see the Comments checkbox in Screen Options.

  • multiple images in single portfolio item feature is available for free version of nimble portfolio or not?
    bcoz i m trying to display multiple images under single portfolio item, for this i m trying using [gallery] shortcode and also using the link
    but this isn`t working. plz help me to solve this problem

    Thank u

  • Hi,

    I have one question before I purchase.

    Can I allocate multiple different categories/tags/parameters to each item so when I filter it can be by multiple categories at the same time.
    Item 1 – category green/landscape/classical
    Item 2 – category red/portrait/classical
    Item 3 – category green/portrait/modern
    Then when filter by ‘landscape’ it displays Item 1 only
    filter by ‘portrait’ displays Item 2 & 3
    filter by ‘classical’ displays Item 1 & 2

    Thanks for your response in advance.

      • Hi Ather,
        I have the same Question regarding the Category.
        Do have a look at the link:

        Communication Skills Enhancement Program & Effective Business Writing is a category for me, i want to add each class pic under each of them.

        When i click the Communication Skills Enhancement Program it should show me a sub category as CSEP June 14 Mumbai and so on.

        I don’t mind buying the plug in but need help on this.

        And can the circles be made into Rectangles.

  • I have read your instructions on creating the portfolio. I have read the FAQ, WordPress support page and still cannot get it to work.
    I am using the WP ‘responsive’theme with a child.
    Thank you.

      • What I want is to get it to work. Obviously I’m not doing something or doing something wrong.
        I included the short code on my portfolio page, created the items, but I don’t see any images on the portfolio page.
        I created a single-portfolio.php file in the child theme and still nothing.
        Thanks Ather.

  • Hi!
    I use nimble portfolio for showing screenshots of our texts. When they’re viewing portfolio items (images), every following item is shown minimized and text is too small to read. Is there a way to show full-size portfolio items (images) by default?

  • I am having the issue with the 404 error. I understand your fix as stated above. However the problem is I am using Thesis theme, which doesn’t use single.php or any of the other standard generic WordPress php files. It has a “hooks” system it uses instead. I tried uploading a single-portfolio.php anyway, that I just pulled from the WP twentyeleven theme, but it doesn’t do a thing. How can I still use your plugin?

    • If Thesis is a child theme of Genesis framework then just place following code in single-portfolio.php


      You can also call other hooks in this file.

      • No, Thesis is its own framework — I guess I shouldn’t have called it a “theme” — it is actually a competitor of Genesis. And the problem is Thesis doesn’t use files like single.php or any of the standard WordPress files at all so I can’t paste code into the nonexistent file. One of the things I tried looks similar to the solution you posted … I created ‘single-portfolio.php’ and put in the thesis code:


        That didn’t work either. I’ve never used a framework like this so I’m just lost. The only files Thesis reads are ‘custom_functions.php’ and ‘custom.css’ so that’s all I can modify. If you’re not familiar with Thesis I guess you can’t help me, but thank you for replying so quickly, I appreciate it!

  • I am using your awesome plug-in to show speakers; is there a way to disable the View Project link, as it’s not needed in this context? Thanks!

    • Please edit your template.php (FREE version) OR loop.php (PREMIUM version) in your (plugin’s) templates/ folder. Just remove the unwanted html/php code.

  • Hello.

    I love this plugin. I just want to bypass the Lightbox & have the thumbnails link directly to each portfolio item page.

    I don’t know what part of the template.php code to change though. Can you help me with this?

    • Please replace <a href="<?php echo nimble_portfolio_get_meta('nimble-portfolio'); ?>" rel="lightbox[nimble_portfolio_gal]" > with <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" >

        • This code is actually from FREE version, the PREMIUM version code has some more things as well.

          You can find this code in templates/3colround/template.php line# 19

          • Hi Guys,

            I was wondering the same. However, is it possible to have each thumbnail link to a different page on the same website, as opposed to the portfolio item page?

            Many Thanks,

          • You can use Portfolio URL field for this purpose.

            nimble_portfolio_get_meta('nimble-portfolio-url') will return the value of Portfolio URL for an item.

  • Hey Guys,
    I have been working with your plugin some more, and seem to be having an issue with the lightbox content showing up correctly.

    I am not sure what the conflict is? I tried turning the slider plugin (the only other one I have installed) off and still didn’t get a working result.

    If you could provide some guidance that would be great.


  • Hi I am using a Theme ‘Incipiens’ from Themeforest.I installed this plugin. Evrything is ok except one thing. I am unable to set a featured image.There is no such option on the page/or in the image uploader. How can I solve this?

  • Hi I am having an issue being faced. I cannot see any option to set the featured image, that will inturn comes as the thumbnail on webpage. Could somebody help me please?

  • review wordpress theme

    Hello to all, since I am really eager of reading this webpage’s post to be updated daily. It includes nice material.

  • I just LOVE this plugin. The aesthetic value for a designer’s portfolio is superb! However, i’m noticing an issue that I don’t see resolved from two other instances shown on this page. When entering a FULL URL (including the HTTP) for an image, I’m getting the following error, “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”.

    Currently, my site is not live as it is in maintenance mode. I’m happy to give you access when requested to solve this problem. Once I work out all the kinks and everything runs smoothly, I will be purchasing the premium version. Thank you!

    – Kelley

  • since no single.php is to convert in single-portfolio.php. where is the file. I have the newes version 1.2.1


    404 Not found issue on Read More link – FIX

    By default the ‘read more’ option requires the ‘single-portfolio.php’. In case the ‘singe-portfolio.php’ does not exist, it uses ‘single.php’. If the ‘single-portfolio.php’ is missing, then make a copy of your file single.php as single-portfolio.php. If the single.php file does not exist in your template folder, then create a new file as ‘single-portfolio.php’ with the generic code that is commonly present in most WP themes.

  • Hey Guys, First off I gotta say that i LOVE your plug in.. but I have one big ole major issue… It’s not working at all in IE. The posts show, but the actual CSS is not showing up at all.

    I guess I could see if I put the css in the actual header and put it in my template folder if that will fix it.. but do you know of an overall fix?

    Any idea why this would happen???

    John Paul

  • Hello all, I installed and activated this plugin (great free service, by the way,) but unfortunately the “Nimble Portfolio” tab is not showing up in my dashboard. Any suggestions for getting it to appear?

      • Hello,
        I’ve same Samantha’s problem. I have Vulcan theme that implements Portfolio.
        Is there way to allow the simultaneous operation?
        Vulcan portfolio is shown in a specific page template that I use to present some performed projects, while with Nimble Portfolio I woudl show some products inside some pages with other content.

        • You can use a different post-type for our plugin. Premium Version has configurable options for solving this conflict.

      • I cannot get the list style to go away no matter what I do…and I do develop websites, so I kind of know what I am doing – I have tried every CSS line possible – even the one you have above…I tried in the 3column style sheet and the custom stylesheet that I have….please help!

        • Forget it, something in my theme style sheet was overrriding the plugin style sheet! I am good! Thank you for an awesome mod!

  • Hi i got the same trouble with thumbs, any plugin don’t show them

    “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

    can u help me or u got the answer?

    ty and sorry for my english

  • Hello, I’m considering of buying a premium version, but I have a question. Does the premium version give an opportunity to change sizes of template’s rounds and squares? I wonder if the template fits my site page frame.

    • We will guide you on every bit on using our plugin, changing the thumbnail sizes is not an issue, its quite easy with the premium version.

  • I recently installed this plugin, and I think it is great. However, when the items get sorted the animation appears to be really choppy.

    Here is a link to reference what I am talking about:

    The animation on the site I am working with feels glitchy and clunky. While the demo site has smooth transitions.

    At first I had the images tagged more than with one tag and I thought that could be causing an issue. I went back through and made sure every item just had one tag, but that did not seem to solve it.

    Then I thought that there could be a jQuery conflict with the slider plugin I had installed. So, I disabled the plugin and got the same animation results when sorting.

    But, now I am not sure if that is just the difference between the free version and the paid?

    I looked through a few other examples of sites that people had posted on here and some looked choppy and some looked smooth. So, I am not sure what the solution is? If someone could please help that would be great.


  • Hi, I am well aware of how to remove the read more and view project from the template however I need to place the excerpts in there to show a short description. Can you tell me where to edit and what to edit ?


    • You can use the_excerpt() function in template.php (same file where you have removed the read more and view project links)

    • You can change the width from template.css under templates/3colround/

      For prettyPhoto, the JS lib for prettyPhoto is not loading, need to investogate on your wp-admin.

      Please send wp-admin access to

  • Hey! Could you tell me which is the best image size for the thumbnail image (circle image) of the portfolio? If the image is to small, the code is set to show them like mosaic, and I want the image to fit in the circle. Great plugin, thank you!

  • How do edit the template.php file to show the description of the item directly underneath the thumbnail? And where do I remove the circle frame?

    • Nevermind. Got it. I just had to call a php content to get the description. And then I saw where the images were to edit.

  • When I click on the featured image in the portfolio grid I am getting the message:
    Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

    I cannot figure out how to correct this? I have turned off all possible jquery plugins. The images exist so it must be the path.

    Also I have converted come regular post types to portfolio post types using a plugin. However the View Project button loops back to the Grid Page and doesn’t go anywhere. Could you advise me on where I can fix this if possible?

    I am willing to buy this plugin when it becomes responsive by the way.

  • Sorry about silly question above.
    The answer is:
    * The custom portfolio post type single post template


  • When I add a portfolio item it seems to create two (duplicate) thumbnails at the bottom of the prettyphoto popup window. So if I add 3 portfolio items there will be 6 total thumbnails (2 for each project) and the photo count shows as 1/6, 2/6, etc. Has this issue come up before?

    Site isn’t live (hosted locally), so I can’t provide a link, sorry.


    • Its some sort of conflict actually, add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); function is called multiple times need to see which call is creating the problem. Last time I had this issue with “Visual Composer” from WPBakery.

      If problem not solved then please share wp-admin access with us at

  • Hi,
    could i edit
    Read More → View Project → links text?
    (My website is italian)

    If yes how?

    Thanks in advance

      • Thank you for your quick response.
        Yes I’m a developer, but probably I have hosting problems, and I can’t edit plugins source files via FTP (in this case template.php).

    • There are two versions, FREE and PREMIUM. For FREE version you can check it at your own 🙂

      For PREMIUM version, if its not play well with WP-Types and WPML then we will give you guys support to make it compatible.

  • Hi, like the look of this portfolio. The free version states that it is 3 column, and your demo shows the standard 3 column layout. If you go to my Portfolio page that uses the free version, FOUR columns are appearing.

    Any ideas how/why 4 columns are appearing instead of the free version of 3 columns?


  • Hello,

    I’ve recently purchased the premium version of your awesome plugin. What I’d like to do is add a widget to my footer listing all the portfolio item types. Is there a way to do that?

  • Hello, at first I have to say that your plugin is really nice and exactly what I was looking for. But the problem is that as soon as I click on “Read More” I get the message I defined in the “single.php” if there is no content to display (Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.)

    So it seems like it’s using the single.php but it doesn’t work anyway. Do you know a solution to this?

    Oh and it also doesn’t work with the default themes Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.

    • Please refresh your permalinks, and refreshing the permalinks doesn’t solve your problem then please make a new template file single-portfolio.php which is basically a copy of single.php in your template directory.

      This plugin is made and tested on TwentyEleven theme, so there should be some other issue which is not making the plugin work on these themes 🙂

      Please email us your live URL and access details at, so we can investigate it.

  • Hello, is it possible to use the plugin also with combination of two filters (p.e. show me tag 1 and tag 2)?

  • Hello, I’m looking at implementing your very lovely portfolio plugin on my new site, however not all of my portfolio items have websites – is there any way to remove the ‘View Project” link on certain portfolio items?

    • Yes you can modify the template, better way would be to make a new copy of template folder(3colround) to your name, and modify the new template.

  • I need to show only three items when my page loads. How can I change it so the pages does not load “ALL”

    The default pages loads “All”

    I would like to change it.

    • There is a pagination feature for showing max number of items per page, but I am not sure if you wanted this.

  • I think I figured it out, but please confirm that you have to enter your image in 3 different places in order for your plugin to display the same image in all sections.

    1. Set the featured image for the thumbnail.
    2. Set the Image/Video URL for the click/zoom button
    3. Inset the image into the post for the read more section

  • Hi, when I click on the image on the portfolio page, I get an error message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and the image exist”

  • Is there a way to add this to the homepage of my blog, is the embed code just for a page or post? I’m thinking I want it in my footer is this possible?

  • Hello! In the company where I work this morning bought the plugin, especially for multiple portfolios feature in one wordpress. We have activated the plugin but did not find this feature anywhere.

    Is there a special way to activate the feature multiple portfolios?

    What we need is to have each portfolio with its own categories each, totally different from each other.

    • You need to use “types” attribute with comma separated Item IDs as value in the shortcode.

      There is a feature “Shortcode Maker” under the “Nimble Portfolio” Admin menu, please use it to generate shorcodes to use for our plugin.

      You only need some clicks in Shortcode Maker to get what you want.

  • Really a nice plugin but on clicking in image the, in light box slide all images arrives, i want only category wise image

  • the 404 Not found issue fix did not work for me. Im still having the same problem although I made a copy of file single.php and saved as single-portfolio.php

  • User error as usual. I thought I tried setting ‘featured image’ before but I guess not because your suggestion worked!

    Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I really appreciate your effort here, and on this very nice plugin. THANK YOU!


  • WP version: 3.4.1

    I’m using a theme from Theme Forest called Immersion:

    I’m using the portfolio plugin and everything seems to be working except one thing. The thumbnails on the front-end are not showing up. I am trying to fix the problem myself but not sure what to do in order to get the thumbnails to show up.

    Here is the code from template.php

    ID), array(303, 203), false, ”); ?>
    <div class="nimble-portfolio-item" style="background: url() !important;”>
    <a href="” rel=”lightbox[nimble_portfolio_gal]” >

    <a href="” class=”button-fixed”>

    <a href="” class=”button-fixed”>

    and here is the output code from browser. You’ll notice the background URL () is blank for some reason and I’m not sure why?

    Read More →

    View Project →

    • I replied on you email though, but this is for other guys who has the same issue.

      The thumbnail actually comes from portfolio item’s featured image, so please set a featured image for thumbnail to show.


      • “The thumbnail actually comes from portfolio item’s featured image, so please set a featured image for thumbnail to show.”

        Please to tell me how to do this ? and where can i change this ? Thanks !

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the plugin. Can you please let me know if it is possible to change the order of portfolio items? I have tried to install post types order plugin and category order and no luck. Other than that the plugin is great.

    • Hi,

      There is a premium version available, with both item types and items sorting. Another feature is, you can show the selected item types to allow multiple portfolios in single WP installation.

      Please email for more info on premium version.


  • Hi,
    I had installed your wordpress plugin,
    Created my own layouts added buttons etc
    Have just done your latest update 1/9/12
    This did not just update your files it also deleted my other templates in the templates folder, is this a mistake, will it happen each time you do an update or should i have saved my files elsewhere.

    • Hi,

      Its not a mistake, when you upgrade from wordpress repository, all the old files are deleted and the zip content are placed.

      We have already mentioned in our upgrade notes that you need to backup your templates folder 🙂

      Another thing you can do is store your templates folder somewhere else, and change NIMBLE_PORTFOLIO_TEMPLATES_DIR and NIMBLE_PORTFOLIO_TEMPLATES_URL according to new path in the nimble-portfolio.php to avoid this scenario.

      We will add some configuration options to store the templates folder from plugin admin page later.


      • Hi
        I had a back up.
        And have put my template file back online having updated it to use lightbox as per your update.
        Is working well
        and I have made a new backup and put it another folder altogether for safety.
        Great plugin!

  • Great plugin! How might I go about calling a different page template than the standard “single.php”. I would like to remove the sidebar and comments from the portfolio pages but not from my blog posts pages. Thanks in advance!

    • This does work with twentyeleven theme, infact we first tested this plugin on this theme (with WP version 3.4).

      Please see this link


    • Nevermind got it. For this who want to know its this below

      ‘overlayShow’ : false,
      ‘transitionIn’ : ‘elastic’,
      ‘transitionOut’ : ‘elastic’

  • Hi – I’m trying to use this with an template and there isn’t a catagory.php file in it. Is there a solution to make this work?

    Thanks – John

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to have 2 separate portfolios and specify which categories to display for each one?


  • Hi, awesome plugin! However, when I click on “Read More”, I get “Error 404 – Not Found”, I saw the comment above about trying another theme, however this is not an option for me since I customized my theme so much already. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Please let me know…Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, love this plugin!
    but how to display a single category on the page?

    Example: On the “A” showing apenasos items of category A and on the “B” show only items in category B. How can I do this?

  • When click the “Read More”, the linked page is not showing up.It goes to “no content” page.

    Also some dots/bullets on the page

    Can we remove and/or fix the “

    Can the bullets be removed ?

      • how exactly can I remove the “Read more”? I’m not sure what you mean exactly by “template”. Is there something I have to comment out in some file? thank you in advance!

        • The plugin is template based, so you can make your own layout by modifying the template files.

          For FREE version only
          Please remove Read More link from templates/3colround/template.php file.

  • Hey! I’ve installed your plugin, as it was just what I’ve needed. But as soon as I activated it, I’ve encountered a problem – my page wont load on “Gleam” theme by “ElegantThemes”. It just shows the loading swirl when I open up the website, and nothing happens.

    Not sure why this happens, but could you add a support for the theme?

    Btw, the plugin is just awesome! I wish it could work for me 🙁


    • Hi Jacob,

      Seems like an issue with your theme’s functions.php or something, see if you find any code that is conflicting with our plugin code. You can do this by going through the functions.php source code of your theme and our plugin code.

  • Hi,

    Nice plugin….When I try to set the featured image in WP 3.4.1, I can’t seem to select any images from the Media Gallery to set as featured images. I think this is a bug?

    • Hi Bruce,

      I am afraid for now you will have to upload a new image and set it as featured, also described in details in the usage instructions.

      If you have any other issues with setting up the featured image then perhaps you need to check your wp installation.

  • Hi,

    The installation was fine.
    The gallery/sorting/zoom are working fine.
    But, when we click the “Read More”, the linked page is not showing up.It goes to “no content” page.
    Please check the files. Something is missing. Even we cannot view the post when we click “view post” from the admin page after adding a portfolio item.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for your plugin! This is just what we are looking for.
    Can you clarify how to use the shortcode?
    I don’t understand where to find the following folder:
    (where TEMPLATE_CODE is the folder name of template you want to use from templates folder)


      • Hi Amy,

        I am glad you found it. Currently you can use the code as [nimble-portfolio template="3colround"] as ‘3colround’ is the only portfolio template available within the plugin template folder.

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