Meet the people behind Nimble3

Zaque Hussain

Director of Business Development

Zaque Hussain, a multi-talented star entrepreneur right from the start. He's a proven track record of buying troubled businesses and transforming them. Starting out in his teenage years, he has bought and sold from a chain of supermarket to a huge online auction business making hefty profits. Zaque now consults Nimble3 clients to streamline their business processes.

Ather Mehdi

Chief Technology Officer

Ather Mehdi has been at the forefront of developing web applications, usability and design since the days of Commodore 64 and Geocities. He is a founding member of Nimble3 and loves sharing his passion for computers and the internet.

Amir Ul Amin

Amir Ul Amin, often found on the internet rather than the real world, is obsessed with the latest web and mobile technologies. He's a real maven and would go to any lengths to find out what works best. He's a man of his word and we're always keen to hear his verdicts.
Amir Ul Amin, Director of Development

Vladimira Canadyova

Vladimia is a qualified iOS and Android developer. She loves sharing her know how on programming, networking and technology in general. Vladimira currently leads the mobile development wing at Nimble3.
Vladimia Canadyova, Mobile Developer

Nahlha Malik

Nahlha Malik has been an editor to a number of blogs and corporate websites. Nimble3 spotted her extra-ordinary talent in producing information that is short, quirky and meaningful - the perfect set of skills that we needed to produce social media campaigns for our clients.
Nahlha Malik, Director of Social Media

Mujtaba Mehdi

Mujtaba is known to many as the ultimate technology geek. An iPhone Apps developer by day and an avid blogger by night, he's a dedicated mobile gadgets geek at heart. Mujtaba currently leads the mobile development wing at Nimble3.
Mujtaba Mehdi, Lead Mobile Developer

Quality Assurance Consultants

Ghulam Muqtada


Mutahar Mehdi