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TecDoc Magento Data Integration 2017

Nimble3 has been making steady advances in developing TecDoc and Magento based solutions for our clients. Some of the recent highlights have been the completion of which is a leading auto parts regailer in the UAE. We have also been working with several leading car parts retailers across Europe to improve their existing systems. Our tecdoc magento integration team has been busy developing new tools and advancements such as grouping of parts on car parts on the catalogue level, display of fitment data and compatible vehicle data on part detail pages. Our TecDoc Magento integration extension is the most advanced extension in the market.

If you’re looking to develop a TecDoc integrated magento website then Nimble3 is here to discuss your development options. Get a free consultation session with one of our experts by dropping us a quick email or by completing the contact form here.

Nimble3 is undertaking a custom trading platform development for which currently is a blog written by our own CTO and Director Ather Mehdi. The platform will be aimed at providing traders with useful market data and intelligence. The core architecture and schema of the system will be based on the foundations of BI Systems. Besides providing ample supply of trading data, the platform will feature editorials and expert opinion from a number of day trading experts.

We can share some unique aspects of this platform that make it truly exciting.

Ather Mehdi explains; The platform is primarily intended to provide data on market bias. Market bias is often a very strong driving force that lead to short-term trends and patterns that day traders pay very high importance to. The system will gather intelligence based on current events, market sentiment and historic archives of several thousand stocks, commodities and forex currency pairs. Since the premise of the original website is based around trading psychology – the service is aiming to offer some unique metrics to measure and analyse human behaviour.

The service will allow free access to traders with limited access to markets and indexes. However the company has plans to develop and offer paid membership options that will allow a superior service to its paying clients. So far the client Day Trading Tips has not finalised the name of the platform and is open to any suggestions anyone can make.

Some of the names that top the list currently are as below:



If you have any good suggestions then we would love to hear your ideas and if your idea is chosen then your name will be published on the blog before the launch of the platform.

We are happy to announce the release of our first free WP plugin ‘Nimble Portfolio’. Using this free plugin you can transform your portfolio in to a cutting edge jQuery powered gallery that lets you feature and sort your work like a pro.

We have seen a steady demand from our clients and also from buyers on market places selling premium wordpress themes using this feature as a USP, so we though we help you transform just any ordinary wordpress theme into a modern portfolio.

Free Plugin Features

  Custom post types for portfolio items

  Youtube video support

  Built-in fancy gallery for image and video preview

  Easy categorisation and jQuery sort feature

Future Portfolio Template Releases

Although this a complete solution in itself, but there’s more to look forward to than just a portfolio plugin. We will be releasing different template style variations that you can easily integrate on top of this plugin.

Simply grab a copy our plugin from directly from  

Installation Guide

1. Download the plugin from
2. Unzip the ZIP package on your hard drive
3. FTP upload the plugin files to the plugin folder on your WP installation

Usage Instructions

1. Add portfolio item types under the ‘portfolio’ tab in dashboard such as web, mobile, graphics etc.
2. Add new portfolio items using custom post type under the tab ‘Portfolio’.
3. Add item title (keep it short), add description, then item type – video or image.
4. Then upload featured image from the far right bottom box. Once the image is uploaded first copy the generated URL from the field ‘Link URL’ then hit ‘use as featured image’ link at the bottom, then close the window.
5. Paste the copied URL in the input field ‘image/video url’ on the left.
6. Specify a live URL for your project in the input field ‘portfolio url’.


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