Our iOS and Android
UX/UI Design Services

We marry ideas with insight, creativity and design craft – we create brands, whole brands, truly authentic brands.

Nimble3 & planning

For some time now, Nimble3 has had a strong focus on iOS and Android UX/UI design. Over the last decade, plenty of things have changed when it comes to software design and development. There are now more parameters to think about, more variables to include in planning, and that is an art Nimble3 as a company has perfected. Our UX/UI design services are available for clients across operating systems. If you are looking for great graphic and usability pieces based on android platforms, then we will provide just that. On the other hand, if your specialty is iOS, we will be glad to oblige.

What we offer

At Nimble3, we help our partners craft their own solid visual branding language that compels their targeted demographic, in only one glance. We are very passionate about corporate brand design. We believe that our brand design service can help you make your company into everything it can be. It all begins with our branding services! Working with us will deliver far more than simply a custom logo design (though, no worries, we’ve you covered there as well)! We can work within your existing brand or create an entirely new brand identity for your company. Our creative team develops an all-inclusive brand identity concept which can be implemented all through your entire marketing mix. Our designers work in all media, including print graphics, digital media, signage design and more. The artwork is produced in multiple vector (EPS,INDD, AI) Raster (PNG,JPG, GIF, BMP etc.) They are always ready to deliver a perfect solution to all your corporate brand design needs.
While some companies will claim to have a “proprietary” brand building process, ours is tried-and-true.
We marry ideas with insight, creativity and design craft – we create brands, whole brands, truly authentic brands. We believe the world is a far more interesting and soulful place when creative. To us, it’s all about the journey, understanding and defining a brands essence and promise. We work with our clients to identify all brand touch-points, the intersection where a brand connects and engages with its audience. We give the brand a voice, a personality, a look and feel – authentic assets.

Bringing uniqueness to software design

Selling Point

As the owner of a brand, you are always looking for a company that provides designs relevant to your image and instructive in the way you put yourself out there. We understand that in the modern business environment, being yourself is a great selling point. We have a sharp focus on usability (UX) in everything we design, meaning that your customers will not have a torrid experience interacting with your software.

Design Approaches

Good designs enable users to linger while bad approaches discourage even the most patient and trusting of potentials. Our design approaches is unique, our technology is cutting –edge and our mission is to give you precisely what you want.

Your clients have
an expectation

As a business, you are always looking to set the bar as high as possible. However, that is not all. Once said bar has been set, expectations soar, and you find yourself in a race to live up to the marker you laid down. Our UI and UX designs have the needs of your clients in mind. Our approach involves taking a look at the market and deciding what works best in today’s environment. We allow you to provide what your clients want at all times without compromising on quality and functionality.
Businesses are always looking to find a way for their customers to stay loyal and not stray off toward competitors.Nimble3 works hard to ensure that happens. Design is not all about throwing code and graphics together-it about the sense of appeal projected by a particular approach. Our design strategies have one goal in mind-to engage the user. However, this does not mean that we pile on graphics in order to achieve what we want. Instead, we strike a balance between what is functional and what the client needs. Our desire is to provide top notch services without complicating interfaces or cramping the user’s style in a way that they end up more confused than assisted.

iOS and Android UX/UI Design concepts are a large part of how modern software works. If you are looking for functional designs that use the aforementioned approaches, then Nimble3 is the place to be. Our designs are customized in a way that resonates with your needs and preferences .

Our technology is ultra-modern and factors in cross-platform compatibility as well as flawless function across a variety of areas of application.