TecDoc Extension for Wordpress CMS

Written by: NicoleMiller

TecDoc helps online retailers to find the right car part for their customers the first time. Without the TecDoc data base, it would have been very difficult for retailers who sell car parts online to provide the correct car parts to their customers. It would also take a longer time for car owners to find the car parts they are looking for online. TecDoc suppliers are expected to update their product data on a monthly basis. This helps to ensure that the information available on TecDoc’s database is up to date. Data updates on an ongoing basis help to make the users find what they are looking for quickly.

TecDoc has helped supplier selling car parts online avoid sending wrong parts to their customers. In the past, sending wrong part to the customers led to huge losses. A lot of time was also wasted on shipping products back and forth. Since TecDoc has helped suppliers send the right parts the first time, they have been able to save a lot of money as well as time. Part sellers are able to know the exact type of spare part that a customer needs based on the car registration input.

WordPress is the most popular CMS today

There are millions of website today running on WordPress. This is because of the many advantages of this content management system. Although it was launched after many other CMS were already launched (2003), it has grown to become the most popular CMS because of the following reasons:

It’s easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use. It has a user friendly interface that a first time user will not have difficulty navigating. This helps the user to save time when creating and managing websites

It’s easy to manage a website from any computer

It is easy for WordPress user to manage a website using any computer or mobile device. People can log into their WordPress Admin areas from anywhere as long as they can access the internet

WordPress sites are friendly to the search engines

WordPress site are clean and simple. Search engines love them. It is also easy to optimize a WordPress site for the search engines

Availability of thousands of plugins

TecDoc Extension for WordPress CMS will be a new addition to the many WordPress plugins available. These plugins help to make the work of website owners easy

Its easily scalable

It is easy to manage hundreds of thousands of pages on a WordPress site
That is why we develop TecDoc Extension for WordPress CMS. This extension can be of great help to all business selling car parts online that are using WordPress CMS. It is suitable for both big and small retailers. TecDoc plugin will make you serve your customer more efficiently. Things will also be much easier for you when you have this extension within your site. You will always be able to know what your customers need almost instantaneously. TecDoc Extension for WordPress CMS will also allow you to serve more customers within a short period of time.