Written by: Amanda49

TecDoc Extension for Prestashop CMS

TecDoc was established in 1994 to make it easy for car part sellers to provide the correct original spare parts to their customers. Car part sellers list their products on TecDoc to make it easier for their customers to find them. It does not matter what type of automotive product the end user is looking for. If it is listed on TecDoc, he/she will be able to find it easily. TecDoc has not only helped to make it easy to find car parts, it has helped to prevent sellers from sending wrong car part to the buyers. Most of car part seller used to incur huge losses because of sending the wrong products to their customers. With TecDoc, car part suppliers are able to know exactly what their customers want. This makes it possible for them to send the right parts all the time.

There are many content management systems used by car part sellers. Prestashop is one of the most popular eCommerce CMS. Prestashop is a free open source software. It is popular because it is easy to use and it accepts a variety of payment methods. It has over 310 features that have been carefully designed to make work easy for businesses as well as well as help them increase their sales. All the exquisite features integrated into Prestashop are available for free. Prestashop allows online car part sellers to easily list their products using its back office. This CMS is suitable for both small and large businesses. Whether you are selling a few or thousands of products, it will always be easy to manage your inventory. A few click is all that is needed to effectively manage updates.

Here is a list of features
that make Prestashop very popular:

Easy to put any number of products in one page

Easy inventory management

Unlimited number of products


Our built in TecDoc Extension for Prestashop CMS will help a lot to make your work easier for you if you sell car parts online. We can develop extensions with or without car registration search mechanism. This extension will make it easy for you to know the types of spare parts that your customers need. You will instantly know exactly what a given customer needs based on his/her car registration input. With this extension, you will not only the able to supply the right parts to your customers all the time, you will be able to do it with speed.
The extension is specifically developed to meet the needs of online car part sellers. TecDoc Extension for Prestashop CMS will provide you with all the help you need to be able to serve your customers effectively and quickly. You will be able to use TecDoc global database more efficiently. The size of your car parts selling business does not matter. Whether you serve a few customers or thousands of customers every month, the TecDoc Extension for Prestashop CMS will be of great help. We will do a professional job for you.