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TecDoc Extension for OpenCart CMS

Getting To Understand More About TecDoc Extension

Having a car is fine but as the car ages, it is sure that you would have to spend money on replacing spare parts. Today car spare parts business worldwide is quite huge and could run into billions of dollars. Before internet came into being, the brick and mortar stores were the only option when it came to buying spare parts for cars. However, the internet has totally changed the dynamics and today it is possible to buy almost any car spare parts sitting in the comfort of the home. It is also possible to buy almost any car spare parts using the smart phones in your hand. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at a new concept called TecDoc Extension for OpenCart CMS. This is something very unique and exciting and will truly define the way online retailers are able to sell car spare parts across national and international boundaries.

How It Works

TecDoc basically is an app which can be downloaded to any modern smart phone. It is an app which allows you to get rapid access to information about vehicles and the relevant spare parts. The information is available is up to date, complete and very structured. It is a platform where the spare parts details of each manufacture is collected, made standard. Once this is in place the information is available to small traders, workshops and others who are in the business of selling car spare parts. The best thing is that the information is available both in offline and online format. It is a huge database of relevant information and covers almost around 600 brands, with more than 5 million articles and there are around 3.5 million pictures and images. This certainly makes it as a one-stop solution for those who are looking to sell car spare parts or buy them. There is hardly any doubt that it is the best of its kind and could be considered the most comprehensive list of car spare parts across manufacturers and brands.
The plug-ins provided helps to totally integrate TecDoc facilities. The best thing is that the extensions can work without the need to have searches based on car registrations which was previously the case. This makes is convenient for other websites to have a clear idea as to what type of spare part to offer to their customers without having to depend on the car registration details input.

Full Scale Integration With CMS Systems

While there could be other such plug-ins and support systems available in the market, there are some unique features which make TecDoc extension unique. In today’s highly competitive world, having the right CMS is very vital and critical. It will help closely monitor customer buying pattern and behavior and help reach the customers at the right time and at the right place. With the help of TecDoc plug-in it is possible to fully understand what exactly the customers are looking for on online platforms. Hence it could make a big contribution to even small online retailers and help them to retain customers by keeping a close tab on their buying and researching activities as far as car spare parts are concerned.
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