Prestashop Responsive Web Design Upgrade for Mobile Phones and Tablets


With the increased use of tablets and smartphones around the world, demand for websites that can support multiple devices has risen rapidly. Apart from normalizing and maintaining the same experience and look for websites irrespective of the devices, factors such as pixel resolution, click versus touch, screen size and support for flash technology from adobe are also taken care of.
The layout formation, follow up coding and the presentation of the final visual is done in a manner that there is optimal viewing experience to any viewer regardless of the device. This is made possible by the responsive development. Responsive web development also takes care of SEO, which is heavily relied upon as a digital marketing strategy.
Our competent team of professionals boasts more than 10 years of experience in developing CMS websites. Our company can upgrade any existing websites and add a responsive feature to make them easy to use on both tablets on mobile phones. The existing features of the clients' websites remain intact after the upgrade is done. Our custom design services will ensure that your website has beautiful aesthetics and ease of usability.

Benefits of Upgrading Old Website to Responsive Designs

Recommended by Google

With Google controlling a 67% percent market share, digital marketers have little choice but to optimize their websites accordingly. The recommended mobile configuration and the industry best practice is the responsive design. What makes responsive designs an obvious choice is because they have the same html and the same URL regardless of the device. This makes it more efficient and faster for Google to crawl, index content and organize.
Content that is hosted on one URL and one website is much easy to interact and share than content living on separate desktop and mobile sites.

Easier to Manage

Having a separate desktop and mobile site calls for separate SEO campaigns. Managing a single site and SEO campaign is much easier than having to manage two sites and two SEO campaigns. There are huge benefits that come with using a mobile specific SEO. This includes optimization of keywords more likely to be searched by someone using their tablet or smartphone.

Many Devices Using One Website

One of the most important benefits responsive web design is that great user experience across many screen sizes and devices is assured. That is an important feature since it is practically impossible to anticipate or establish all the screen sizes and devices searchers will use to access a website. A site working and functioning well regardless of the variables will give the user with a more consistent and better user experience than a separate mobile site that has been specifically designed for a certain device.
For example, if a person searches for a product online, they have a site that provides that product. When they get home they will continue the search, only this time they will use a computer instead of a smartphone. A responsive site will provide this person with a positive user experience during the transition from smartphone to desktop.


When properly done, responsive web design is the way for business to reach prospective customers. With our expert team of designers and CSS experts, Nimble3, will transform and upgrade your non responsive website and make sure that it works beautifully across all devices. Our dedicated customer care team will always be ready to attend to you. Overall, using our services will give you value for your money and offer you an optimal website experience.
Nimble3 provides custom device services. Your responsive site will be aesthetically pleasing when viewed on all devices. All the existing features and functionality of your website will remain intact when you use Nimble3’s responsive upgrade services.