Magento Responsive Web Design
Upgrade for Mobile Phones and tablets

How A Responsive Web Design Can Boost Your Business to Success

In today's modern times, most people exhibit busy, fast-paced lifestyles and are constantly on the go. Hence, businesses continue to adapt best practices in line with the huge advancements in technology, especially to maintain their competitive edge. RWD or responsive web design is regarded as the ultimate solution for every website owner, given the fact that it utilises the same URL and same website. It is simple yet brilliant, molding itself such that content is easier to organise, which can then be easily viewed and accessed by users across a wide range of devices.
The Nimble3 Magento Responsive Web Design Upgrade for Mobile Phones and tablets provides customers with an optimal user experience and benefits businesses in many ways:

Cost and Time-Efficient Design

A responsive design eliminates the need to pay for an extra mobile site or having to create website specific apps. You save extensive costs and valuable time spent on mobile development and maintenance. Business owners can share quality content effortlessly throughout various devices without added expenses. Information is delivered from a single codebase that adapts accordingly with the mobile phone or tablet.

Enhanced Offline Browsing Experience

The offline browsing capabilities of HTML5 allows users to get onto your site wherever they are. This is highly beneficial with HTML5 enabled tablets and smart phones flourishing in the market and widely used by many people, whether tech-savvy or not. Email newsletters and content incorporated in hybrid HTML5 web applications can be accessed without any internet connection.

Higher Rankings with Improved SEO

Google recommends the responsive web design since the single URL is not only user-friendly, but search engines can efficiently index a responsive site, discover content, and crawl correctly with ease. No wonder, responsive sites with good content score higher in search engine results compares to other websites and thus acquire more traffic. Back then, mobile versions lacked critical branding and content elements from the original desktop website, which the Magento Responsive Web Design Upgrade has effectively addressed.

Increased Conversion Rates and Sales

Nimble3 offers custom design services that endow you with an attractive website that is very appealing to customers. Moreover, an enhanced site experience is achieved without redirecting if a website has a responsive web design. Your business elicits a familiar and consistent professional look, which has a significant impact on conversion rates and increasing sales.

The benefits

The benefits of a highly performing responsive site are indeed quite desirable for any business, but it entails careful planning and choosing the right web development company. Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated with the outcome and dealing with time consuming and complex testing delays, unnecessary expenses, slow performance, and waiting impatiently for pages to load. What more in a customer's shoes?

Making the Right Choice

Getting a Magento Responsive Web Design Upgrade for Mobile Phones and tablets is a wise investment for business website owners who wish to stay one step ahead from competitors. Make certain you choose a reputable company that has your best interest in mind and bring about remarkable results. Nimble3's expertise and experience, with more than 10 years worth of developing CMS driven websites ensure a seamless process. The task will be handled by a team of expert UI/UX designers and CSS experts that can perform a dramatic transformation on any non-responsive website.
There's no need to start anew, for your existing site can be made better. With the help of Nimble3, any existing website that does not have a responsive feature can made to work beautifully on mobile phones and tablets. Custom mobile menus and bootstrap CSS rules are set in place to adopt to a myriad of screen sizes. Still, the existing features and functionality of your website will remain intact after the upgrade is done. There's also no better time to start but now to boost your business to success in the fastest time!